The Ardèche has lots of surprises. We will invite you to discover some of those surprises, indicated on our map, to give you a preview of the richness of your stay at campsite Bel’Air. We wish you a pleasant stay...

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Lac St Martial Lac St Martial

In the heart of the mountains of the Ardèche, at 850 meters altitude, lays the artificial lake of Saint Martial. This lake is appreciated by swimmers and it is situated at the foot of Mount Gerbier. The activity base offers many sport and leisure activities: water jets, trampoline, pedal boats, volleyball, windsurfing, kayaking, etc.


Mont Gerbier de Jonc Mont Gerbier de Jonc

In the mountains of Mount Gerbier de Jonc, near the Massif Central, you will find the source of the Loire, the longest river of France. The mountain is an ancient volcano with recognizably rocky figure and is 1551 meters high. It takes about an hour to walk all the way up the mountain, but the effort will be much rewarded at the top with a beautiful panorama of the landscape of the Ardèche. Since 1933 Mount Gerbier de Jonc is an officially classified natural site.


Lac d'Issarlès Lac d'Issarlès

In the “Haute Ardèche” you will find the lake of Issarles, a natural lake of 97 hectares. The lake lays in the crater of an ancient volcano at 1000 meters altitude. In this lake you can swim in water of exceptional purity and of a pleasant temperature (lifeguards in the summer). It’s also possible to enjoy water sports activities like canoeing, pedal boats or windsurfing. There is a hiking trail which allows you to make a tour around the lake.


Cascade Ray Pic Cascade Ray Pic

Near a little village, on the route of the mountains of the Ardèche, the river Bourges makes a passage through the basaltic rocks of the Ray Pic volcano and throws itself down from a height of 60 meters in two cascades. The second cascade, 35 meters high, is one of the most spectacular sites of the Ardèche. At the entrance of the area a viewpoint has been arranged with a nice panorama of the cascade.


Train Touristique Train Touristique

On board of a train built in the sixties, the tourist train of the “Ardèche Méridionale” takes you along viaducts and timeless stone villages for a 14 kilometer circuit between Vogüe and Jean le Centenier. The pace of the train (20 to 40 km/h), built in the late sixties, gives you the time to appreciate the landscape of hills covered with vineyards. All along the circuit, stops are offered to visit the villages or to taste regional products.


Vogüé Vogüé

Considered among the most beautiful and characteristic villages of France, you will find Vogüe between the Gorges de l’Ardèche and the mountains of the Ardèche. This medieval village is built in an amphitheatre, in a cliff overlooking a beautiful castle. To get to the castle, you have to cross a labyrinth of narrow streets and arches. Although the castle was erected in the 12th century, it is in the 17th century that it took its present appearance with 4 towers.


Balazuc Balazuc

Balazuc is located in a beautiful area; situated on a cliff overlooking the Ardèche. Its narrow streets are filled with stone houses that reflect its medieval past of which the Roman church and square tower are two good examples. From the top of the “tour de la reine” you have a nice panoramic view on the village. At a 15 minute walk from Balazuc you can visit the hamlet of Viel Audon where old houses have been renovated.


Labeaume Labeaume

Surrounded by cliffs carved with caves, lays the village of Labeaume on the banks of the river Beaume. Its streets are a real labyrinth where the houses are on narrow cobbled streets and small alleyways. From the top of the rock, the castle overlooks the village which reveals sunken landscaped hanging gardens on the vertical parts of a cliff overlooking the river.


Grotte Chauvet Grotte Chauvet

Situated near the Pont d’Arc, this cave was discovered by three cavers in 1994.This cave is exceptional due to several rare characteristics: its age and its state of conservation. It is the best conserved Parietal heritage and the most important with regard to the Aurignacien era (about 36000 years ago). Its dimensions (8500m) and the elaborate wall paintings are the earliest artistic expressions known to this day.


Musée des Lavandes Musée des Lavandes

In Saint Remèze, the lavender museum invites you to discover all the secrets of this plant known for its color and its smell. During your visit, you will learn about the different varieties of lavender and the growing processes. It is also possible to assist in extracting essential oil from the flower. Of course a boutique gives you the ability to buy craft products made of lavender at the end of your visit.


Banne Banne

This village in southern Ardèche lays at the foot of the Cévennes. Around the ruins of the castle, a lot of houses still show the particular architectural style of Bas-Vivarais, with the recognizable round tiles and outside stairs leading to the first floor, covered terrace, ground floor occupied by the old stables and a cellar. The city is also rich in monuments.


Pont d'Arc Pont d'Arc

This natural arch that spans the Ardèche is without doubt the most emblematic place of the region. The area is very beautiful: the river has carved out a monumental arch with surprising dimensions (height: 54 meters and 59 meters long). It is the only natural arch in France overhanging an active river. The Pont d’Arc, French classified area, is the gateway to the valleys of the Ardèche.


Grotte de la Madeleine Grotte de la Madeleine

In Saint-Remèze the cave of Madeleine is a true spectacle, formed by rocks and underground water. 25 meters long and with over 25 rooms this cave offers you a sound and light show to let you discover the richness of its red and ocher concretions.


Grotte de la Cocalière Grotte de la Cocalière

Between the Cevennes, the Gar and the Ardèche, you will find the cave of Cocalière. The cave, dug in limestone, is part of a vast underground complex that spans about 30 kilometres. nicknamed the diamond cave, it invites you to discover the wonderful world beneath the ground. During a visit of an hour, you can enjoy the power of the water and the rocks, stalactites, stalagmites, but also disks, round concretions and fine draperies.


Pont du Diable Pont du Diable

The legend tells us that the devil has built this bridge so that young couples could meet each other at the other side of the river in exchange for a soul. They say that during the night we can still hear the crying of those who didn’t made it back over the bridge! Constructed about ten meters above the Ardèche, you can admire this arch from the beach across.


Bois de Païolive Bois de Païolive

The wood of païolive is located only a few minutes from the campsite. This surprising wood of lime stone sculptures spans about 15 kilometres. This mineral and natural mixture gave birth to real natural sculptures, like the one of the lion and the bear, which seem to attack each other. Fabulous animal reserve, where you can explore the biodiversity while walking on the trails, marked by hikers.


Camping Bel Air Camping Bel Air

Camping Bel’Air welcomes you in the south of the Ardèche and gives you access to the most beautiful destinations in the Ardèche. Our campsite is a perfect starting point from which to explore the culture, the heritage and the diversity of the landscape of this green and sunlit region...

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